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The German classic Live-Strip.com

Livestrip.com is a cam chat site you have to see. Rightfully so, it is one of the big ones in this country. It attracts with more than 5000 live cam girls. The selection ranges from young to old. You can see slim girls and obese ones. There are real ladies, dominas, ladyboys and real guys. Real highlights are couples and especially lesbians. You’ll get everything you desire here

Livestrip.com Extras

But it’s not just the models that are worth looking at on Livestrip.com. What’s important on this site are the very special features. These give you total control in any cam show. In our Livestrip.com review, we have compiled the most important points for you. You have the dildos in your hand. You control how fast they vibrate in hers with your mouse. Her orgasm, her pussy, you control it.

But what you also shouldn’t forget are the pictures. That’s what a cam show is all about after all, you want to see something. It has to be razor sharp and capture every detail. At Livestrip.com you don’t have to worry about that. Here we work with HD quality. There’s nothing you can’t see very clearly. The detail has never been better. You feel like you’re right there in the same room with the girl. Add to that the different camera angles that can be selected. So you can quickly switch to the view, side, or angle that you prefer.

Livestrip.com reputable?

But a big question is always trust. What if the chemistry with one of the live cam girls is not right? What if a lot is promised but nothing is delivered? Let’s face it, a live cam chat is always a business and a feeling. There is a lot that can go wrong. But even here there is a solution, as our Livestrip.com test revealed. The portal offers you three ways you can easily form an opinion.

The first option is to sign up without obligation. Signing up alone is quick and easy. With that, you can then browse around the site without it costing you anything. So you can familiarize yourself with the portal. If everything appeals to you, you can go one step further.

The second step is to get a trial access to a webcam show. You can use it to watch the videos, the girls and the chats. The test access is free and lasts 10 minutes. With this you get an insight like a paying customer gets. So you can see without paying if the site keeps its promises.

No commitments

If you want to see even more, you can get a coupon from the internet. This will give you access to cam chat as if you were a paying customer. No other obligations or subscriptions come with this.

Once you’re properly convinced, you can start getting serious. Pick your favorites and experience the webcam show of your choice. Do not forget: If you are nice to the girls, then they are also nice to you. So nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment.


What is a webcam show without features? You don’t need to figure out the answer to that question. Every Livestrip.com chat comes with just the features to make the experience complete

Dildo Control

The fun starts with the dildos. Via a remote control, you’re there. You can adjust their speed. Want them to vibrate more? Go for it. Want the girls to cool down? Fine, shut down the vibrator.


There are HD cameras, and even better, there’s Cam2Cam. With this, you can cam chat girl and the girl can see you. That’s real interaction. Plus, there are the many camera angles you can choose from.

Separee Chat ( Private Chat )

Want to be all alone with the model? No problem. Click on “Separee Chat” and it’s just you and her. Nobody else can see the chat. Here it is then also worthwhile to use the Cam2Cam function. Then you are connected privately.

Multi Voyeur Cam

Will you not be completely alone, then use a simple chat. Here, the Multi Voyeur Cam feature allows other participants to watch. This is like the forbidden look through the keyhole, which brings a special charm. You can even participate in the chat if you want to.

Live Stream Recorder

What do you do when you’re on vacation and want to remember the good times? Sure, you snap a few pictures. You can do the same in a Livestrip.com chat. Here there is a so called “Live Stream Recorder”. With it, you can record your webcam show and admire your favorites over and over again.

Babes on your smartphone

And what about on the go? Well, here’s the mobile feature. With this, you can get your live cam girls on your mobile device too. Wherever you are, you do not have to miss your favorite. With a few tabs you’ll be with her.


What good are all the girls if you can’t find your desired cam show? But again, our Livestrip.com review showed how easy it is to find everything. The menu frames the screen and fills it. There you’ll find all the accesses and most of them multiple times. Everyone can find their way around here.

At the top of the screen, it’s all about registration, coins, and trial access. But here you can already select the categories of cam models. To do this, you can get various videos on the screen or choose a girl.

On the left side you see the same functions again. You can start the test access, sign up or buy coins. In addition, there is the customer service and another Livestrip song. Underneath there is a long list with girls and with small preview pictures. You don’t have to settle for the small pictures though.

In the middle of the screen is the actual selection. Here you’ll see the models in all their glory with their thumbnails. In addition, the name and the info, whether the respective model is currently online. A flag under the preview picture also shows the language the cam girl speaks. Thus, the communication also works in any case.

Over the central selection you can still narrow the search via a few buttons. You can display all models with HD cameras. You can also limit the selection to girls with a dildo control. Of course, you will also find an option to limit the selection to specific categories.

Filter options


  • Couples
  • Lesbians
  • Big boobs
  • Show with dildo
  • Plump
  • Rounded
  • Slim & Athletic
  • Mature & Experienced
  • Dominant Mistress
  • Fetish
  • New channels
  • Boys

Hair color

  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Black


  • DE
  • POL
  • ENG
  • TR
  • NO
  • FR
  • NL
  • IT
  • NL
  • CZ
  • ESP
  • FIN


Coin Packages

  • 10 Coins for €9.99
  • 20 Coins for €19.99
  • 30 Coins for 29.99 €
  • 55 Coins for €49.99 ( 5% bonus )
  • 80 Coins for 69.99 € ( 10 % bonus )
  • 120 Coins for 99.99 € ( 20 % bonus )

Sex Cam Prices

Average 1-2 coins / minute

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Giropay
  • Payment by phone/mobile
  • instant transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Prepayment
  • Direct debit



The customer support on Livestrip.com is not quite as good as it should be. The best customer service, or better support, is when it offers 4 things. The first is the FAQs. This allows anyone to troubleshoot typical problems right away. Unfortunately, you look for these in vain on Livestrip.com.

No help hotline

Then there should be a way to call directly in very urgent cases. Here, the portal does have a call option, but it revolves around phone sex. There is no customer service phone number.

No live chat

Another good option, is a live chat. With this, you can tell an employee your problem and also get help immediately. That’s the standard, anyway, but there’s no such thing here either

Long waiting times via the contact form

Finally, there should be an email form. One can type in longer and more complex queries there. One should then receive an answer within 24 hours. This option exists on Livestrip.com, but unfortunately it’s the only option. While this is OK for most requests, it looks less favorable when it comes to money. Everyone wants to get information quickly then. However, one does not want to wait about 24 hours until one then gets an e-mail for the answer. The answer consists then probably also still of further questions. That delays then the actual assistance still more. Here the portal should still improve something.

What good takes time 🙂

However, there is also a positive point. The Livestrip.com experience that many have posted on the internet speaks of helpful support. At least the answers are actually helpful, even if you have to wait a bit long.