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Susi.Live should definitely be familiar to everyone from television commercials. Behind Susi.Live is a webcam show portal, which can be seen. More than 6000 live cam girls, boys, lesbians, gays and couples show themselves here. The offer ranges from simple sex to S&M.

Susi.live Girls

The models aren’t just eager to show off, they also like to experiment. That means they bring different sex toys to bear. So that it does not become boring for the spectator thereby, there is a remote control. He can use it to rev up the dildo so that the model gets pleasure.

The portal itself shows itself in German, English and several other languages. Also the girls are these languages powerful, so you can communicate with them. Already the first look at the page invites you to stay. Especially the thumbnails of the pretty ladies entice you to look around more.

Susi.Live Prices

Besides instant access, you pay with coins. The more Coins you buy, the cheaper they become. Furthermore, the payment method makes a difference in terms of price. For a single coin, this results in a price range of €0.75 to €1. For credit card customers, there is no reason to worry about the bill. Epoch.com will simply appear there as the payee.

Further, it’s important to know that you’re not signing up for a subscription. You buy the coins and once they run out, you just have to buy Neue again. This means that you don’t get an automatic cost with Neue coin packs. It also follows that you don’t have to cancel Susi.live. As soon as you don’t want to use the service anymore, you simply stop using it. There will be no more Neuen costs.

Susi.live reputable?

As is so often the case on sites like this, there is the question of whether the offer is reputable. With Susi.live, however, you do not have to worry. First of all you can have a look around the site without any obligation. So you can get a first impression and make your first judgment.

For all those who have seen the TV commercials, the free impression goes even further. That’s because the ad offers 66 free minutes. This allows one to enter the site like a paying customer. That means you get a real and meaningful impression. No one has to buy a pig in a poke here.

Signing up to the site is very simple. One enters his user name, password and e-mail address. In the confirmation email, there is a link that you have to click on. Immediately after that, the profile is active.

However, a Susi.live chat is not adult. This means that you have to verify your age first. This is done either via a cam or the bank. Who indicates a bank connection, over it as full-aged one is proven. With a mobile phone or webcam you can simply use your passport. You hold it up to the camera and your age can be read off.

Instead of signing up, one can also use the phone instant access. With this, one can access any cam chat on the site. To do this, one calls a paid number. As long as this connection exists, one can access the chat. As soon as the connection is interrupted, the webcam show is over as well.


A successful cam show has two ingredients. The first is a pretty girl who is nice and willing. The second is the technical conditions, that is, the features. These allow the transmission of the image in good quality and make the chat even more exciting. That’s why our Susi.live review has also dealt with the features.


Let’s start with image quality. If you want to see something, you need to be able to see something in the pictures. Therefore, most of the live cam girls offer their chats in HD. Here you really see everything. In addition, such a webcam show is also transmitted from several perspectives. So you can choose the angle from which you can see the most.

Cam Chat

A chat usually consists of writing. A cam chat consists of writing and a webcam. As a feature, there is an option to turn on sound. With sound, you can really listen to the live cam girls. This completes the experience.

Audio +

In addition to the sound, you can also select an audio feature. This allows not only you to hear the model, but also talk to the model. This makes communication a lot easier.


Another extra is the Cam2Cam feature. With this you make the cam show a really interactive experience. So not only you can see the girl, because she also gets a picture of you. Your webcam then transmits to her what you are doing. It really brings you closer together.

Dildo Control

What’s really cool is the Dildo Control. It puts the dildo in the palm of your hand. Well, not literally. The girl still has the dildo in her hand and also where it should go. You, however, have the remote and are using it to regulate her climax.


When you’re on the page, you want to watch your cam show. You can easily view each cam chat with the thumbnails. However, this can take a while until you have browsed through all of them. It’s better to pre-select via the menus.

Above the menu with the thumbnails are the buttons that narrow down the search. Here you get faster to your Susi.live chat. With this you can display only the chats with a HD camera. It is also possible to view only the lesbians. Also, you can narrow down the selection by breast size or age or just hair color.

At the very top of the screen are more options. Here you can click on the “LiveCams” button to go directly to the webcams. With the button “Video” you can view the videos of the girls. These videos have previously created the models, so that the selection of your favorite is easier.

By clicking the button “Girls” you can go directly to the name of one of the Live Cam Girls. However, this is only helpful if you have already found a favorite before. If this is not the case, it is better to find your favorite via the main area. There you have nice big and meaningful thumbnails.

You can create your own account by clicking the “Register” button. This does not take long and is without obligation.

The button “Buy Coins” allows you to get some coins after your registration. With these coins you can then experience a Susi.live chat. Buying Coins is not a subscription and you can control your costs via the Coins.

Then there is the button “redeem voucher”. This lets you use the 66 free minutes that the ad promises.

Filter options


  • HD cams
  • Cams with sound
  • DildoContol
  • Couples
  • Lesbians
  • Dominant
  • Devot
  • New Broadcasters
  • Mature
  • Voyeur
  • Small Breasts
  • Fetish
  • Big Boobs
  • Favourites
  • Recently visited
  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Redhead


  • DE
  • ENG
  • NO
  • FR
  • IT
  • ESP
  • NL



  • Audio feature = 1 coin / min
  • Cam2Cam = 2 Coins / Min
  • Dildo Control = 2 Coins / Min
  • Separee = 2 Coins / Min
  • Sound Function = 2 Coins / Min

Credit card / direct debit / instant bank transfer / giropay:

  • 10 Coins = 9,99 EUR
  • 20 Coins = 19,99 EUR
  • 30 Coins = 29.99 EUR
  • 52 Coins = 49,99 EUR
  • 77 Coins = 69,99 EUR
  • 115 Coins = 99.99 EUR
  • 190 Coins = 149.99 EUR

BitCoin / Prepayment

  • 10 Coins = 9,99 EUR
  • 20 Coins = 19,99 EUR
  • 30 Coins = 29,99 EUR
  • 50 Coins = 49,99 EUR
  • 70 Coins = 69,99 EUR
  • 100 Coins = 99,99 EUR
  • 150 Coins = 150,00 EUR

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Giropay
  • Prepay
  • instant transfer
  • Direct Debit
  • Paysafecard
  • Payment by phone/mobile
  • Bitcoin / Litecoin
  • Altcoins


A good customer support is not so important on a live cam portal at first glance. However, its importance is immediately apparent when you need help. Then you want fast and above all correct answers. To get them, there are usually four different ways. If all four are present, you can give the customer service of a site quite a good advertising. However, if one or two are missing, then it’s not so good.

Extensive FAQs

The first place to go when you have a question should always be to check out the FAQs. These are not called Frequently Asked Questions for nothing. Here you can already find your answers in 90% of the cases. On Susi.live there are the FAQs, even if not quite as extensive as one would like.

No hotline

The next best thing you can think of for urgent problems is always to call. There is an imprint on the portal. Nevertheless, our Susi.live test could not find a phone number. So this way to the customer service is missing. However, one could get over that.

Unfortunately, no live chat

The third way is also a way for time-sensitive questions. This is the way through a live chat. Here, one can still get an answer to a question immediately. If there is the live chat, then one can easily get by without a contact number. Unfortunately, however, the live chat is also missing.

Email Support

The fourth way is for all those requests that require a little more time to process. This refers to longer lasting or more complex problems. For that, there is either an address to send an email to or a form. Our Susi.live test found a form. You can work with it. Unfortunately, however, faster ways of communication are missing. Therefore, we are not quite as satisfied in this area.

Users are satisfied with the contact form

There is one good point to mention, though. Many users have shared their Susi.live experience with the world on the internet. These users give the contact form a good grade. Obviously, you do get some useful help relatively quickly through this channel.